Premium Wood Options



Southern Pine is what we use for our standard softwood. This wood has tons of knicks, knots, cracks and imperfections. We can’t control the amount of knots or imperfections this wood has, as it is a natural part of its nature. These woods are classified as a softwood because they tend to dent and scratch easier than hardwoods (obviously). They also tend to move more throughout seasons, so keeping a consistent humidity in your home will help it last for years to come! Budget friendly, but gorgeous!



Hardwoods are a generational piece. Although more expensive, it may be the last table you purchase. The wood itself is more scratch and dent resistant which helps keep its natural beauty over time. and is more stable through humidity changes and seasons.

  • Red Oak - Will be your standard wood choice for all hardwood tables here at Keck's Kustoms.  It is very durable and provides incredible grain patterns.  It does have a rose undertone that will come out when stain is applied.  Darker stains sink into this wood beautifully! 



  • WALNUT- Walnut is considered the highest grade hardwood available on the market today. It's durability is matchless, but what makes it so unique is it's incredibly beautiful wood grain. The most expensive option, but also the most beautiful. We do not recommend staining this wood. Since it already comes naturally dark, it will not absorb stains well. We just add a beautiful protective coat to bring out the natural colors of the wood. 


  • White Oak- A standalone type of wood.  An incredible luxury appearance, completely rot resistant and water resistant. White oak is also a great choice for outdoor furniture! 



  • Hardwood Ash - A light colored, smooth-grained hardwood that is beige to light brown.  Incredible staining quality!


  • Hard Maple - Incredibly smooth and creamy.  Minimal wood grain and impressive durability.


  • Circle Sawn Oak - Have you been looking for that barn wood character for your table top? This is the top for you!  This table top has a seamless joint that still makes cleaning a breeze.  We leave the saw marks visible to enhance the beauty of raw wood.  Still smooth to the touch, but not perfectly flat like our other table top options.