How durable is our protective finish?

Our Protective Finish -

We use 3 coats of professional grade polyurethane.  Our product is made to withstand scratches, liquids and all the little ones you have running around.  With the polyurethane, you do need to be careful with heat.  Hot pads are highly recommended if you are using your table to serve fresh out of the oven meals.

Water Based Poly

You can easily add more finish to your table after years of use if desired. The finish will adhere to itself with a crystal clear finish. In the shop, we spray all finishes onto our furniture, but brushing it on is a usful application process as well. If you ever want to do this, please reach out to us and we can walk to you through how to do it on your own! 


Rubio Monocoat Finishes

RubioMonocoat offers a product call Renew. This product can be used once your furniture feels too dry or rough or when the finish has worn down due to heavy use. Another option is to use Universal Maintenance Oil. This will bring the furniture back to its original luster and restore any faded colors. Both options are simple to apply and highly effective!