How To Order

Ordering custom handcrafted furniture is a little different than manufactured pieces. We like to say that it's a lot more fun because you're the one in control of the design.  

First off, if there you have another style in mind that isn't shown on our website - please contact us! Recommendations from our customers is how we got started.  If there is a finish or paint that you would like us to specifically use, or a special size that isn't listed, we'd love to work with you on that. So if you have a vision that you'd like us to bring to life, contact us via Email, Facebook or Instagram.

When you go to add a product to your cart, you're going to have several options to choose from.  Your table size, width, top stain, bottom finish, knot specifications, table top wood preference and table top choice.

Table Tops are available in 5'-10' sizes.  Standard width is 36" but you are able to change this for an up charge.  You'll be able to choose from different stain options and customize your base color.  If you choose the choice "Stained" from the drop down menu, this will indicate that you would like the whole table stained the same color as your top choice.  Standard table tops do come seamless.

We offer pick up, personal delivery from our door to yours all throughout Indiana and surrounding states, and SHIPPING! Please read our shipping policy before ordering. If you'd like to come pick up your product, please come prepared.  For large orders- A trailer, multiple vehicles, straps, and moving blankets.  We are not responsible for damage after the time you pick up.  Please be ready to pick up your products within 14 days of completion.  Delivery is $2.00 per mile and does include in home set up! 

If you have any questions about creating your custom furniture, we would be happy to help.  Happy customizing!