Seating Tips

Tip 1: Seating Capacity

Figuring out how many people you want to seat at your table is a great place to start. Chair widths vary, but as a general rule:

For Rectangular Tables:

6’ - 7' tables seat 6 loved ones
8’ - 9' tables seat 8 loved ones
10’ tables seat 10 loved ones

Need a larger size? Contact us!

For Round Tables:

48” tables seat 4 loved ones
54” tables seat 5-6 loved ones
60” tables seat 6-7 loved ones

For Square Tables:

48” tables seat 4 loved ones
54” tables seat 4-8 loved ones
60“ tables seat 8 loved ones 
66” tables seat 8 - 10 loved ones


Tip 2: Painters Tape

Use painters tape to draw a table on the floor. This will really help you visualize the new table in your space. Then simply take a tape measure and measure what you drew on the ground with painter’s tape. If you can maximize your space with a 6.75’ table, perfect. That’s what we’ll build. 


Tip 3: Spacing Rules

If you know the room’s dimensions, but don’t have access to the space, here’s a spacing tip that will really help with the math.

  • You want at least 3 feet of clearance around all four sides your table. This is the minimum that will allow for a chair to be pushed back when someone stands up or for someone to be able to slide behind a chair that’s pulled up to the table. 
  • If you really need to maximize seating for a space, you might consider a bench along one or both sides instead of chairs. You can seat more people at a bench than chairs when needed and you can tuck it under the table when not in use.


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We’d love to help guide you to the perfect dining table size and shape for your space.